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From the title I hope you’ll have started singing “It takes two baby!” however, to sing at a networking event isn’t my tip of the week, I promise!

When you have booked a networking event, especially a free one, it can seem tempting to just “miss” it. Something I have thought of (and admittedly done) before. I highly recommend having a networking buddy. This can change for each event, you don’t have to take the same person each time so you can have some variation in conversation on the way to and from the event, which is always welcomed! Having a networking buddy will help in many ways:

1. They will ensure that you go

2. They can be the safety net if you feel like your evening is going downhill. You can simply go to them, have a quick conversation, boost both your’s and their confidence to head back to the crowd

3. They can also introduce you to any contacts they have made that evening and vice versa – great way to make double the contacts!

So, next time you get an invitation to a networking event, see if any of your contacts are going and if they need a lift.

Have you used a buddy before? Did they help you build the confidence you needed?

As always, happy networking,