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So, you may have read very long ago that I suggested having a networking buddy. It can be tough as an unnatural networker, to make these close connections with people. Well, close enough to ask them to go to a networking event with you, so how do you make that “first move” and ask the big question? Well, I have found a few ways work!

Go in for the kill

Bite the bullet and just ask – this can be in person at the next regular meeting you see them at, or email them. They will see it as a privilege (or they will be secretly unbelievably happy that they have someone who will be there to be their buddy!).

Ask them about another event

So you’ve been meaning to go to another networking event, but you have no idea who’s going and you really want to at least know one person. Send the invitation or the website link to a person you feel will benefit from the event, and ask if they fancy going. This is a little less disconcerning the the “in for the kill” option, and my personal preference. Give it a go, and they may just enjoy the event!

Ask which events they recommend going to

While in conversation, ask them which other networking events they attend. See if they recommend them, and about the format of the meeting. Sound to your taste? Ask if there is a possibility that you can come as their guest. Most networking meetings reward members for bringing a guest, so you will make their week/month by asking to be a visitor/guest at an event they are a member of. You’ll be in their good books, and you’ll have a buddy for the event – win-win!

Next time, I’ll be sharing how to go about utilising a networking contact at an event, if you like the sound of it, do remember to subscribe to the blog, so you don’t miss out.