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Wahoo, you’re taking the networking plunge! Awesome.

Now what?

If you’ve booked in advance, the first thing to do is contact the organiser or one of the team members, to see what they would recommend in terms of being prepared.


You can also connect with them, the networking organisation and the people who run it, on social media. It’s a great way to start the conversations and warm up the relationships with people you could be meeting.

Another, seriously important thing to remember is your business marketing! Business cards, flyers, a pop up banner and so on. If you have a large group, these will help people to notice your business, even if you don’t get enough time to speak with everyone.

Also, learn some different ways to say “what do you do” here is a fantastic blog sharing lots of different opening conversations!

Then remember one important thing: you’re going to this event to build relationships, not to sell to the room. Focus on getting to know people there, then if there is synergy, follow up with them after the meeting and arrange a coffee.

Let me know how it goes!