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It can be tough to come up with conversation starters (that aren’t what do you do and the weather), especially when you have been regularly seeing similar people for a couple of weeks.

First – don’t fret!

It’s ok to just let the other people take the conversation somewhere, while you pop in with your own personal ideas and opinions.

For example, today I was at a great regular meeting in Andover. There were a few people there that I had met a few times before, so it was a comfortable conversation. We were all sitting, laughing and talking about personal and business stuff.

Having a chat at networking events

We brought conversations in about partners being away, traffic, rain (yes the weather did pop in thanks to horrendous rain today!) as well as business and some rather strange personal conversations brought up here too! This was thanks to us gauging how the conversations were to be accepted and taken during the meeting.

You can let the conversations flow and feel open to more personal conversations when you have seen people a few times.

The beauty of networking is that the people you meet will turn into more than acquaintances. Once you feel more confident, and they with you, your conversations will get more and more engaging, and with this, you will build your reputation with them. You will be more likely to want to work with them, to refer them (and vice versa).

What’s the most interesting conversation you have had at a networking meeting?