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Networking is an excellent way to build your connections – this isn’t just for your business, it can be an awesome way to make new friends too.

But…what do you do after a networking event with these new people? I’d first suggest you get the follow-up done with the people you had good conversations with.

hands-typing-2For this, I personally email them with a little thank you for the time, a nudge to what we spoke about (so they know I actually paid attention) and then some sort of question – this is to entice them to reply!

I now also ask if they would like to be added to to my regular newsletter list, or if they’d like to have my Twitter Tips (this is an email series sharing, you guessed it, tips on twitter). Why? Because then they will be regularly reminded of who I am and what I do, not only when they revisit or attend another networking event I am at, but also in their inbox too. You must make sure to put the ball in their court here, as just simply adding them to a list is not only rude and a sure-fire way to killing your relationship, but is actually illegal.

You could even ask if they have a regular blog or newsletter that you can sign up to. This will make them feel awesome about not having to ask 😉

Social media network abstract speech bubblesIf you had a great chat with someone at a networking event, and they shared their interest in you, or you are interested in what they do, ask if they would like to meet for a longer 1-1 meeting. Add some dates and times in the email straight away to help get things started quickly, without having even more back and forth emails.

I now also add the best people to my networking folder, a folder I take with me in my bag, so if anyone asks for a business contact in their industry, I can go straight to that person.

What do you do after a networking meeting?