Why the unnatural networker?

Yes, you’re not alone! We are very common in the world of business. The unnatural networker is someone who knows the need to network but is uncomfortable in the networking environment.

I know the feeling of walking into a room and thinking “perhaps this would be easier if I just stand by the bar…” As a business owner I have had to learn how to overcome fears and work with them. I have learned many tips from great networkers and this site will share tips, advice and experiences to show you how to become a master networker (even if you start with the bar!).

I will also have a guest blogger each month who will share their story, experience, advice, tips and how they have embraced networking. I hope these will help you to know that we are not alone, we can learn how to become good networkers and use this to our advantage for business.

No more standing by the buffet table pretending to be truly interested in the sausage rolls!

Bring on the networking 🙂