When it’s time to close


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So, I co-run a networking group that is run by a big organisation. We meet every other week, and usually it is great. Last year we had, on most occasions, 20+ people attending.

Due to one thing and another, we then started to see a dramatic decline in our numbers (I may have to add here that one of our team, the marketing role, was removed by the big bosses, to say this correlates to the numbers would be obvious!). Thanks to this loss, we noticed a huge slump, which, in turn, after about 2 months of this happening across all of the groups, the role was returned. However, numbers have not gone back to where they once were. Continue reading


Is every event a networking event?


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So I do this training in a group with a rather fab trainer who helps us learn how to “sell” without being salesy. Trust me, if you aren’t selling what you want to sell, are discounting or are in need of support, let me know and I’ll introduce you.

Back to the story! Usually I have to leave straight after the session, but the rest go on to have lunch at the local pub (by local I mean 2 minutes walk) and this week, I thought…screw it..and I went. My goodness what a difference a “social” setting makes to getting to know people.

Continue reading

You keep on talking but it makes no sense at all…


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Now, yes, this came to me while listening to spotify and a NERO song came on. I’m not ashamed of it! contact networking

Have you ever been to a networking event and someone is just talking, and talking, and talking and they truly aren’t making any sense? Well, how do you ensure this isn’t you? Continue reading

Why talking about personal stuff at networking will get you more business


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Seems strange right – how can talking about the personal side of someone’s life actually help you get more business?

Trust me with this one – the more you talk about each other, hobbies, interests and background life, the more of a relationship you will have with each other and the more likely you will be to refer business to one another. Having a chat at networking events Continue reading

Can you really read from a script?


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Oh my goodness yes you can, why would you leave it to wobbly knees and a shaky voice to stand up and talk in front of an audience. I say take a blooming script with you, make yourself look even more professional and print it out with your logo and telephone number on the back (or your services).

Preparation, my unnatural networking friends, is key to a happy networking event. Why writing a script for a networking event can help you get more business Continue reading

Starting from the beginning…


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As an unnatural networker it can seem like a huge and daunting world out there full of networking events that you should go to but don’t really feel too comfortable in. Whether you are an eater, toilet goer, fake phone user or if you are someone who stands by the bar waiting for someone to talk with you, you are not alone! Continue reading

Listening is key to your success


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As an unnatural networker it is probably rather great to hear that listening is key to great networking. This means a great benefit for you – you can ask open questions and listen to the answers, become relaxed and then, when the conversation turns to you, you will feel more confident in your reply.

When you show that you are interested in what the other person is talking about you will have already become a great deal higher in their respect than those who have come to them and “sold”.

As an unnatural networker you can start to become more natural by using easy and simple tips such as a great listening technique.